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Database Question

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When I go tot he support page in my control panel, I get this recommendation.

InnoDB database tables typically perform more efficiently and reliably than other database engines such as MyISAM on most modern hosts when configured correctly. It is strongly encouraged to ensure all of your database tables are using the InnoDB storage engine, and that your hosting provider has configured MySQL for InnoDB use.

Right now, I have a mix of MySam and InnoDB tables.  I know how to swap them all to InnoDB but when I asked my host about it, this was their response.

You need to convert only tables that benefits greatly from being under InnoDB. Please refer the link to read more on this:


The risk of converting are memory errors as innodb_buffer_pool_size configuration provides the value of buffer pool size and data crash. Pleas make sure to take a sql backup before any changes.

So now I'm a bit confused.  Should I just ignore the Invasion recommendation or ignore my hosts recommendation?

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