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Discord Bot to Forum?

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With Discord creating their 'forum' feature, I started to have an idea and wanted to know if possible.

Being that I want to run a roleplay site, is it possible to hybrid?

As in, is there a way to have Discord post to IPB instead of the usual vice versa?

Like if someone in a Discord channel posts, is there a way to then have that create a forum post?

And adding to that, is there a way to make it post as the person? Or would it have to be a bot account for Discord? Like how could I either connect Discord to IPB in login, or have the bot know which Discord user is which forum user, to post their message to the topic?

NOTE: I'm asking the possibilities, and how I would go about it. Please don't recommend mods, I'd like to tackle it on my own, not buy something I can't afford.

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On 9/17/2022 at 6:24 AM, Randy Calvert said:

Not without some sort of custom development work. 

I figured out that I just need to bypass the forum and directly insert it into the database. Look at how IPBs DB is structured and fill in the blanks of the user the bot is posting as.

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