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I cannot get in AdminCP based on IP address, this is new computer

David Rutstein
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 Here is my issue.

I am able to login as a admin poster/user. But when I try to login to AdminCP, it wont let me based on - once I was able to get in .. and then it kicked me out fast when I clicked something. It worked always till I bought a new computer. Please help me get in the CP

Your IP address does not match this session. Help  - I am on the plan that does not involve email support. I just want to change the setting to allow me to only have subscribers post or respond. 

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As you're utilizing CloudFlare, you will need to enable "Trust IP addresses provided by proxies?" in ACP -> System -> Advanced Configuration. Otherwise, your IP address will change each time CloudFlare swaps you to a different server as it won't use your device's IP address. You also can run into issues with users and IP addresses if you do not do this.

Just a note, you found support (Hi!). The method which you go to obtain support has changed but the level of support has not 🙂 .

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