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Bulk awarding badges and adding increments to manual badges

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My Invision community complements a real world community and we'd love to award badges to users who complete missions in person, outside of the forum, like attending an event or completing a task. I can manually award badges for those things... but 40+ manual awards gets cumbersome.

Can anyone provide some clarity on how the database works for badges? What columns would I need to update in order to issue Badge ID 123 to User ID 987?

I've been able to do bulk updates on other things, like adding users in bulk to new groups by updating two columns from a CSV: member_id,mgroup_others. It looks like the core_member_badges table is what I want, member and badge IDs seem straightforward enough... but how do I deal with the rule and action_log columns?

If this can work even by importing a CSV to the database via PhpMyAdmin as a one-off thing, that would be preferable to building a plugin.


Related to badges, is it possible to add numerical increments to manual badges? Like "you've been awarded Badge 123 six times!" That doesn't seem possible in the Admin Panel interface, as manual badges get greyed out once awarded... but perhaps by using the bulk update above it'd be possible??



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