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Gallery Improvements: Shared Galleries for Post Editor, Hooks for Pages/CMS, Custom Fields etc

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I've been experimenting with the Gallery app, considering a purchase in order to enhance my current Core + Pages installation.

Please implement the following QOL improvements, and I'd be very happy to pay for the app:


Shared Galleries for Post Editor

Allow the ability to use images uploaded to a Gallery Album (or category of albums), set at the Usergroup level. As it currently stands, only the user that directly uploaded an image to an album can later access the same image when creating a post/CMS Page/similar.

The user who originally uploaded images to an album called "Shared Art" can then go to a CMS Page/Article, click edit, then head to 'Insert Existing Attachment' and see this:

Admin (original uploader of Gallery images) view:

Could contain: File, Person, Human, Webpage, Screen, Electronics, Monitor, Display

However, another user (let's call them 'TestUser') who is in a Staff/Moderator group, who I might want to be able to also edit CMS Pages and insert the same images, currently cannot do this:

AnotherUser (moderator usergroup user who should also have access) view:

Could contain: Word, White Board

Please add a new permission, something like this:

Could contain: Text, Calendar, Page

This way, a user in the group can access images uploaded to that album (or category of albums) as if they uploaded it themselves.

If the "Insert Existing Attachment" location is not a logical place to set such a feature (because you would only expect user-uploaded images to exist in this menu), then please create a new option that does make this logical.


Post Editor Dropdown Menu for Galleries

In addition to the above idea, it would be great to enhance the discoverability/filtering of images within the Existing Attachment menu in post editor too. Please see the below concept; a simple dropdown box can help filter and sort images and allow users to quickly fetch the item they need. This will be useful for the above 'Shared Gallery' feature as well as solo Gallery users who just need an extra method of filtering the non-shared images they uploaded on their account.

Could contain: Person, Human, File, Text, Webpage


Hooks for CMS/Pages, Custom Fields & Album Tagging

I want to tie certain Galleries into specific records in the CMS/Pages app. There appears to be no simple way to do this - there's no ability to set custom fields for galleries (thus creating a unique ID/hook in order to tie a Gallery to a Record ala Database Relationship/Reciprocal Items method). There doesn't even seem to be a way to set Tags or Prefix Tags to Albums (only on images themselves - unless I am missing something). The opportunities for coders to extend the capabilities of Gallery in the same way they can Pages seems extremely limited, and it would be great to allow closer integration with CMS using various custom field calls and cross-linking relationships with Page Databases.


Smaller QOL Improvements

Things like being able to rename uploaded items (it's every admin's nightmare having to see image13362363556.png on their server...), crop an uploaded image via the Image Tools features, and perhaps create custom Record Images for CMS/Pages from images in Gallery (as a cropped copy so as not to modify the original uploaded image) would be lovely as well, if they could be looked into (unless they exist already and I haven't seen them during my demo test with the app).


If these were considered, acknowledged and implemented you'd get a sale from me, for sure. 🙂 

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Sorry, forgot a couple more suggestions:

Post Editor Gallery/Table Insertion

It would be great to add the ability to insert a mini-gallery into a Page/CMS Record using the post editor, in a similar way to Wordpress' built-in in-page gallery block feature. If a user wants to add a number of related images into the same Page/Post, the post editor unceremoniously dumps all the images out in full-size into the post area.

Something like the below concept, where you can opt to contain multiple images into a flexbox with thumbnails that raise the full image in a lightbox when clicked.

Could contain: Monitor, Electronics, Display, Screen, Person, Human


Import Image to Gallery

A way for an admin to click on an image/photo posted in a topic and import/move them into an existing gallery. This might be useful if:

  1. a user posts an important image that you think needs archiving for posterity, or if
  2. if you don't allow certain usergroups to upload images, and they insert a great image (usually hosted elsewhere like flickr or something) that you'd like to import to an existing gallery (so as to ensure the image doesn't get lost in years to come with server shutdowns etc)
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Bumping this suggestion up as there was a similar conversation happening in a previous suggestion topic I made (https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/465645-gallery-allow-groups-to-share-gallery-as-attachments/#comment-2907323), and this is perhaps the more fully-fleshed version of that idea.

It was suggested that Gallery's fundamental concept means that an image should be for a single user. If that is the case, then the above feature suggestion should be developed as its own app/feature that either connects to the Pages app or stands alone and plugs into all apps/nodes.

I'm really keen to get some feedback on this particular suggestion from the IPS Staff because I feel it is one of the biggest holes missing in the entire suite and I really think it needs to be addressed in some way.

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