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Gallery: Allow Groups to Share Gallery As Attachments


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Hi guys, starting to get used to Pages app as a potential alternative to move away from my current Wordpress setup (although there are a few issues that I'd like to see resolved first before I take the plunge, I've made topics about those before here I think), and looking for a solution to easily allow for a "Writers" usergroup to share a common imagebank when developing articles and news stories etc.

After playing around with the Invision Community Demo, I've found that the Gallery app could be a potentially elegant solution for this, by creating a gallery that is only visible to "Admins" and "Writers" (not Members or Guests). I thought a great feature was the ability to search through Gallery Images when looking to add media to a Pages record, as shown below:


However, only the user that uploaded the image can opt to use it in this way - not the rest of the usergroup (or any other group that has access to the gallery). When a different user (who did not originally upload the image) in the "Writer" group tries to add an image the same way, they only see this:


It would be great if we could allow for shared galleries, that multiple people in a usergroup can all access no matter who originally uploaded the images.

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It’s a foundational principle in the suite: uploads are tied to users. I doubt this will change anytime soon. 

You could however always just link images in a post if you know the URL—that is independent from “attachments”. Just copy the image URL (from the gallery or wherever) and in the article editor just paste it. There you have your gallery image. 

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If that's the foundational principle of the Gallery app, that's fine.

But there NEEDS to be a shared media resource/gallery, usable by specified usergroups in all nodes that they can create (topics/page records/clubs etc) that works in the manner described in the OP. It is one of the biggest fundamental things missing from IPB's Pages app. The existing Page Management > Media section is not fit for this purpose and the solution suggested (knowing the URL) is fine for sites operated by a single user, but unworkable for those with a staff/usergroup all individually creating content.

I posted a separate topic outlining some more specific feature suggestions to this point, so I'll direct the conversation there instead:


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