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Background Processes took days to complete and forum posts/topics are very slow

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I notice couple of days ago the Background Processes takes much longer time to complete. During this time new posts,new topics and editing takes sometime up to 8 seconds to complete. Sometime the background processes takes 2 days for couple of new topics.

I havent performed any changes lately neither upgrade to new version. Invision Community v4.5.4.2

How can i determine what cause this problem for me ??

Thank you.


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Generally, a timeout simply means that the attempted task is taking longer than you have allotted in your server's configuration. This could be it is a rather intensive task, your server is currently overloaded by another task and taking longer to complete, or some other reason. I would advise reaching out to your hosting provider to see if they can investigate why that is.

As these tasks are re-indexing and you are running ElasticSearch, you may also want to have your hosting provider review that instance. If you are running ElasticSearch on the same server, this is not advised as it will slow down your server and could be creating issues here.

It is also worth noting that you are running an outdated release and upgrading to the latest release would be advised once your hosting provider advises on the above.

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