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*Warning RANT*

Tonight I decided to update all my database templates for this application mainly due to upgrading to PHP 8 and all the changes done to the templates over the last few updates.

Every time I go to do work on this, my heart always sinks because I detest working on the templates via the admin area. The first thing to happen tonight, I reverted one of the templates and it was gone, deleted, *poof* without a warning or anything.

This is usually the point where I say to myself; (Insert some swear words) it would be easier for me to write an application which would allow me to convert all my databases over to WordPress (I have done this before). However, I detest WordPress more mainly due to its lack of actual template system (The irony is not lost on me here) and not being able to tie users across both CMS's without jumping through hoops and costing a fortune.

I honestly have a total love hate relationship with this application. I love the power of it, but I hate the MANY bugs, flaws and the implementation of the templates area within the Pages ACP.

I have 100's of different templates for many different databases, and it is a PITA to navigate all because someone thought it was a neat idea to order them in order by the date the templates were last modified 😕 !!

Template Ordering

This is the default ordering of Database templates is to display templates by last edited. While this might be okay for a few templates, it's a bloody nightmare when you have 100's of different templates.

This is the default ordering for just the Database templates:


This the order after I wrote a plug-in to order database templates in a more readable form.


This is what I would have to content with when dealing with the default order in a working environment. There is no structure this at all and it's just a complete an utter eye sore and total mess. If you are wondering why there are spaces in my template names, it's because I changed the code to allow this.


This is the database templates ordered in a more readable order by name.


Parent Category for Database Templates.

Adding new Database templates is a nightmare as well. Instead of just being able to copy the default or a user database templates all in one go, I have to do this separately for Category List, Feature Lists, Recording listings etc etc. It is so time consuming having to do this over and over.

I would prefer to create Database Template Category and select all the different Template types for that Category using a multi-select option for this.

For example:


This way, if I need to copy database templates, then I just need to copy the parent and the children in one go.

Any one who has worked with the template system, knows how badly thought out this whole part is. Trying to copy, move, save,  rename, export and import templates is a total nightmare.

Template Naming

Also, the naming of templates goes against what you already have as the defaults database templates. You do not allow spaces in template names, yet your own templates uses them. Spaces are used for readability purposes, if you can use spaces in Theme Templates why change naming convention here?


Updates and QOL life changes.

This application has had no real love at all. It's basically the same as it was when version 4 was released. The only changes have been bug fixes and changes forced due to the core changes. I have seen many topics with feature requests to this Application and they go ignored time and time again.

The engine behind this application is really powerful, yet the front end templates are a complete and utter joke and have no value in the real word. If I wanted a forum clone, I would have used my forums instead. Out of the box, this application is disappointing. If it were not for people like @opentype doing a lot of good work with his templates etc, people would have dumped this application a long time ago as it is not what people expect from an Article Management system.

Will you give this Application some love and attention please!

My apologies for the rant...... I would rather have my nails pulled out one at a time than work on this application.

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