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Clubs for customers support


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Hi, I have members want to use clubs to create their customer support space and announce use. How it should be configured? 

- Club vissible for all

- Users don't need joined to see the first forum tab where contain topics for them. But they can reply. 

- Only moderators above can Start Topic. Users can't. 

- Another forum tab for internal use, only for moderators, leaders and owner. Users cannot see that forum tab. 


- A forum that let users to start topic, in this case request them to join to the club to participate more discussions as that club members. 

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Starting... I SET CLUB AS OPEN TYPE, first tab forum as a FAQ section. 

Yes members don't have to join in to see that FAQ forum topics. The problem is, after they are joined the START NEW TOPIC is available for them too, but we need it only for moderators, leaders and owner. 

IPS staff could you give us option to configure that forum START TOPIC only for clubs staff members? 


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