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I try to build students and parents community, in our workflow we often to share with parents their kids activities photos and videos, posts too.

How can I create that private space for them?

Aside of that I would like offer to parents an option to SHARE WITH COMMUNITY their cute photos videos or posts that contain good words of teachers. That mean photos, videos topics that I (teachers staff) shared with parents are private for them by default, but in case if they like, just click on a button "SHARE GOOD MOMENT", that photo will show on a public stream space where others parents and students will see it and comment on it too.

How can I create that public stream space?

Thanks in advance

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The only way to do so without setting up, would be to sent them messages via the private message system on the site. However alternatively there are these ways 

  • Set up private forums for the members who want them. The downfall of this is it could end up with many forums. You would need to set up each member in their own usergroup and assign those groups accordingly, so its not the tidiest of solutions
  • You could set up a club for each of the parents. You would set it as a private invite only club, and invite the parents to that club. The advantage to this being you could invite more than one person (for example both parents are on the site) to that club, and add nodes of your choice to it
  • Another solution would be to have them post a topic in a forum which is set to show topics only to the member who posted them. You could then reply to that topic with updates on the child. 


There isnt really anything I can think of that would be a one click solution as you mention above, but that should give you some ideas. Please ask if you have any further questions on the above

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3 minutes ago, kmk said:

Thanks @Marc Stridgen I already have these 3 ways visualized and by now I feel that still not the solution, bad users experience (3rd already used) and not efficient to get that "private and community" both purposes. 

There isn't really any other way within the software I can think do do what you are looking for at present, unfortunately. I will come back if I have any other thoughts of course, but thats all I have at present 

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