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Custom Profile Date Field

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I have created a custom profile field to store a date. However the date format is not correct like all the other dates in the database. I need to change the format it is stored.

Currently the date gets saved in this format: 

CustomFields.5.fields.45.value 1641254400


I need it to save in this format: 

lastActivity 2022-01-11


Does anyone know of  a way to correct this?

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16 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

It's a unix timestamp that its storing. Rather than looking in the database, what issue is it you are actually having on the front end?

Hi Marc, thanks for replying. I am using MiniOrange SSO for Wordpress that Bridges the login to Invision Forums and pulls fields into Wordpress Profile custom fields I created. 

One of those fields I want to grab is a custom date field in Invision - the date is being stored in a way that Wordpress doesn't convert to a proper format. Instead if formats it like "20220111" and I need it to be "01-11-2022". 

Invision database shows "1641254400"

and the Wordpress database shows "20220111"

I am using an auto-populate function to populate a gravity form - using a plugin from Gravity Wiz Auto Populate. 

Is there a way to get the invision custom date field to use a different format?

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