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Block showing top 10 downloads sorted by the # of "likes"


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13 minutes ago, Jim M said:

There are blocks which display the top download files by number of downloads and reviews but not reactions. Is there a reason reviews is not used for this purpose?

More people seem to like than review.  I have files that have hundreds of likes, but only a hand full of reviews.  File has 4 reviews, but 106 likes.  Not many people take the time to review.  Wanting to do a top 10 list based on likes as that seems like it would have a much bigger sample size.


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7 minutes ago, Jim M said:

Unfortunately, currently, that would require a customization to display that information. However, I can move this to our Feature Suggestion forum to be reviewed for a future release if you would like?

Yes, please. More ways and options to display data from downloads, forums, etc. is always much appreciated.

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