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How works commerce (marketplace function) ?

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Is there any tutorial to understand how to set up a marketplace with Commerce ?

I saw some articles but nothing from A to Z, especially about wallet/payments/withdraws/taxes/type of products that users can sell.

If you have any good tutorial or info, I would appreciate a lot 🙂

Thank you in advance for your help,


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Our marketplace is actually a little more complicated than that as it allows items to show directly in peoples admin areas. But if you are referring to just selling it on the site and your users entering digital items for users to sell, It's a combination of downloads and commerce. As well as the above guide (thanks @DawPi), take a look at this one too

The paid file setting are an option you can allow your users to use in downloads, if you have both downloads and commerce set up. So in the case of ours, we have downloads with the various categories in downloads you see (themes etc). We have the paid files allowed to our clients group, so clients can sell items and other clients can purchase

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