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I use pages, and database page is site default page. I dont know what happend, but suddenly database stopped use that template what was confugured. And i dont even find anymore how to change that template.

This is what it should use:


But that isnt in here anymore

What happend?

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Sorry, there may be some confusion here. What you circled in red in your first screenshot is a category rather than a template itself so that name would not appear in your second screenshot as an option, the templates beneath that category would. Additionally, only corresponding templates can be used in certain areas, e.g. the template used for "Listing Template Group" has to be a "Listing template."

Please feel free clarify your question if needed.

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20 minutes ago, Owdy said:

Why database frontpage doesnt use that "Gategory articles"  template anymore?

You currently have it set to use the following:



You would need to have a corresponding record, display, etc... template there to utilize it in the selected fields in your screenshots.

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22 minutes ago, Owdy said:

That shows in there now, site frontpage is saved

I dont know why that wanihed from there in first place....

Glad to see you were able to resolve this and add the correct templates so it shows. However, that is quite odd that "Category 2" was not showing previously. I have tagged this to one of our developers so they can clarify the differences here between the templates you used.

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