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RSS import - use RSS field as input for custom fields

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Right now, RSS import is rather clunky and you get the imports in the content as one blob.

I would like to be able to select one of XML nodes as source into a custom field when creating the import.

Maybe for example I have a custom field called "Author", then I want to match that with the XML node that hold that information. In some cases it will not be available, then I will leave that blank, or enter a default value just like you can today.

So for this to be useful I need the following:

  1. Be able to choose to use an XML node, or set a default value.
  2. If I choose XML node, then I need to get a list of the nodes in a dropdown so I can select it

For extra credit, it would also be nice to see the XML so I can see what information it contains, in case the naming of the XML nodes are confusing.


Anyone thinks they have a solution for this, then toss me a PM to discuss or post a reply here if you are not shy 🙂

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