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Guest Accounts Being made!

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SInce the update to 4.6 and once in a blue moon I get accounts being made with called "Guests" and after a while I have disable "Post Before Registering" and yet I still have 11 guests account. Nowhere to remove them and while looking at the profile they look the same as anyone else but with no email adress and whatnot, but what really makes my mad that those accounts gets awards from the thiredparty addon and also points from the "members store" addon. 


I have sent messges and support to one of the thiredparty devs to see if it's one of there plugins that is making it do so, however seems not.

Looking at the errors logs and nothing ;( 



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3 hours ago, EmpireKicking said:

Nowhere to remove them

...apart from the Members listing in the ACP, where you can use the 'Search' field to find members who are in the 'Guests' group?


And with the result set, you can then click on the 'Prune members found' option that is displayed in the header.



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