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Critical Login Issue, Can't Login - Error Code 2S119/1

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We've recently upgraded to Invision Community v4.6.4 and have a veteran member of our community reporting they are unable to login on their main home computer. They did successfully login on two work computers. I am running a custom theme mdPanel and have upgraded that as well. I have also instructed them to clear caches, clear cookies and site history. I've also cleared system cache in Admin. They're restarted their computer and the error is always the same, "Something went wrong. Please try again". Error 2S119/1.

I'm hoping this is only an isolated incident but concerned more users could be seeing this and just not contacting us. Any idea on the issue? Google search seemed to indicate its an issue with outdated code, but again, IPB  install went smooth and I also updated the theme I'm using.





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Is there any error logged in about this which has more details? What happens if you log in as that member? Will you get that error as well? If not, then the issue might lie with the pc of that member. Maybe he did not clear the cookies and forum history.

Anyways, I think that it is better if you can submit a ticket about this at your Clieant Area.

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