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Pages: Add CSS and JS download/upload


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We can download and upload HTML templates for Pages (database, blocks, pages). However, there is no such possibility for JS and CSS.


There is also no possibility to deliver CSS and JS with an application like HTML Templates to make them upgradable during app update. You already do it for HTML templates including conflict screen if something has changed.

Is it an oversight, or are there technical restrictions for not doing it?

Right now, CSS and JS must be copied/updated manually between the installation.


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use the default ips css framework https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/themes-and-customizations/css-framework/introduction-to-the-css-framework-r88/ 

everything will look nice and will match the user theme. and if you have a bit of js code then add it inside the html template 

if you are creating a plugin then add your js/css files in the plugin dev folder and in the developer center settings in acp, ips recently added options to select your pages templates to be installed with your plugin. your plugin will install/delete/update the pages templates for you 😛 



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1 minute ago, TAMAN said:

I know, I can do it, but this is not the same. 

1. The scope of app CSS is inside the app, I would like to have it included into the page.


2. CSS of the app is edited via Themes, I would like to have them under Pages template where other HTML templates belonging to Databases and Pages are.

3. There is no conflict screen during upgrade for CSS/JS. I like the same conflict screen we have for the HTML templates included into the app. 

4. I do not have a bit of JS code. I have "huge" JS codes 😊 that should be loaded only if the database page is loaded. If I need the code in display, category listings, form etc. I have to add it manually to every template. Binding via Page is cleaner and not redundant.

5. These CSS and JS belongs to Pages, they do not make sense without Pages. They do not make sense inside Themes as they are normally used only for one database/page. 

6. If I download/upload templates, I would like to have them all (HTML/JS/CSS) in one file to port easy to another installation without doing manual copy/paste. 😉

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33 minutes ago, TAMAN said:

ips recently added options to select your pages templates to be installed with your plugin. 

I just wish the same for CSS/JS. 😊 

And the ability to download HTML/CSS/JS as XML and upload into another installation. Entirely without app or plugin.

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