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I would like to use Forum to create a Budget, Payment Request and Approval workflow. 

1. Team member A request a Payment posting a topic, there should be contain an amount field where member A put the $ amount. 

2. The forum already set member C and member D as members who with permission to Mark the amount field as "Go Ahead" or "Agreed by Member X". 

3. Member B can see the topic, after knowing the Payment is approved by one of 2 members (in case the other member without opposed to the Payment), member B assign the payment check and Mark a field as Payment Done. 

So there should be with 2 additional fields, Amount Field and Payment status field. 

Both fields should be available to changed to Denied, then each action will be recorded. 

A widget that let show Payments Requested, payment approved, payment denied, member X how many times Mark approved, denied and reverse to Denied or approved. SHOW TOO THE SUM OF ALL AMOUNT REQUESTED, AMOUNT APPROVED AND AMOUNT DENIED. 


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6 minutes ago, kmk said:

I would like

"I would like" a whole bunch of new functionality built into the IPS Suite, but I don't submit them to the Feature Suggestions forum as I don't believe enough other communities would use it to justify IPS including them.

Please add more information to your feature suggestion(s) with the mindset of getting most of the community to buy-in on your idea(s).  Without that I'm afraid your suggestions are unlikely to be seriously considered by IPS.  For feature suggestions to be seriously considered we have to be a bit of a salesperson to sell our ideas.



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