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I lost Admin Access

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Hey guys,
I was migrating a group of people with the same email domain to a new group within my admin, and I forgot to exclude some people who had that email domain from this migration and ended up losing access to the administrative panel. (my email was in that migration group)

I know it was an amateur mistake, but does anyone know how I can fix it?
I have already contacted Invision support, but it is taking too long and I need to fix it urgently.

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1 minute ago, Adriano Faria said:

A única maneira é acessar seu banco de dados e alterar seu grupo. Você pode editar o core_members.member_group_id via PHPMyAdmin em seu host e executar a consulta:


Onde XX é o seu ID de membro.

Olá Adriano, 

Como eu sei meu ID de membro? 

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1 minute ago, Karina Harumi said:

E então eu acesso o PHPMyAdmin e coloco isso:

update core_members set member_group_id = 1 (que seria meu ID certo?)

e depois tem um passo a passo para alterar para adminstrador?


Não foi essa query que passei acima. Reveja lá. 

Após rodar a query, você será admin de novo. 

Rode essa query:

update core_members set member_group_id = 4 where member_id = 1;


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