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Easy/simple in-post gallery?

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Am I missing something? 
I'm trying to set up an easy way to allow for images that are inserted into a post to be arranged in a gallery sort-of-thing. I've came across this plugin:

but it looks cumbersome and only allows uploading from a URL - so it forces you to go to another website, upload your photos there, get back to the post, and enter the url you've generated.

The other way is by using the IC albums app, which - again - forces you to go out of the post editor and do everything there. 

I'm sure there's something I'm missing. There must be something either baked in the suite, available as an editor button/plugin or IPS plugin/app that allows you to just drag&drop multiple files and have them automatically arranged with a bug main photo and many small ones, something lice Facebook does when you drop multiple photos into a post.


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