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Removing 'Topic views' from forum index page

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Morning all.

I run a small mental health charity website and something we have found over the years is that when our community post and get a lot of topic views, but no or very few replies they take it personally. So we have always hidden the number of topic views from the forum index page in the 15 years we have used Invision.  We only just updated to v4.5.4.2 and in the new version/theme I can no longer find the relevant piece of code I used to modify to remove the views.  

IPS support won't help or even point me in the right direction so I am throwing myself at your mercy in the hope someone can give me the heads up.

I used to do it by simply removing that bit of code, but I now realise a much easier way to do it might be to modify the CSS to display none, but I can't find the actual relevant CSS class to display none to.

Thank you in advance 🙂

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