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How to hide Quote button in 4.5?

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On 1/15/2021 at 10:20 PM, Davyc said:

Add this to your custom CSS file:

.cPost .ipsComment_controls {
    display: none;

That should do what you want 🙂


This code will hide absolutely the entire toolbar in the post, and a person needs to cut out one button.

It is better to cut the code of the "Quote" button from the template of the post on the forum:

<li data-ipsQuote-editor='{$editorName}' data-ipsQuote-target='#comment-{$comment->$idField}' class='ipsJS_show'>
								<a href='#' data-action='quoteComment' data-ipsQuote-singleQuote>{lang="quote"}</a>


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