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[PAYED] Adding Affiliate Links to Gallery Images

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I currently use the Gallery feature of IPS and plan to add a lot of photos to my gallery under various categories. While adding photos today I thought I'd include "Affiliate" links within the description of photos. However, manually adding "Affiliate" links to every image in my Gallery I could do easily but I then imagined having hundreds or thousands of images and the need to manually edit each individual photo to remove an "Affiliate" link or update links etc....This would prove very, very time consuming and I ain't getting younger! 

So I'm looking for customisation which would enable me to have a setting within the gallery Admin area that would allow me to add / delete "Affiliate Text" links". So if I chose to add a new Affiliate link at some point, all gallery images would automatically update after I click "Save". These links would appear on the Front end, within the gallery Lightbox area, under the description area, but just before my 'Block' Advert. Hope that makes sense?  It would also make sense to have a 'Title' appear above the Affiliate links such as "Recommended Links". The 'Title' should also be editable from the Admin section.

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