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  1. Questions: How do you add google adsense code to a Widget? Where are the widgets within IPS? Which part of the template would you embed the widget into in order to affect all articles?
  2. What does this app actually do? Can anyone provide a LIVE view?
  3. I don't know what "Record Image" field means, sorry.
  4. So it becomes pointless basically. The whole point of this was to make adding google adsense code to articles with ease and to be able to easily hide the ads by either deleting the custom 'block' or by changing member viewing permissions.
  5. Lets say that worked. And the google ad was posted within the content of an article. Now lets say I've posted over a thousand articles on my site, all containing google ads thanks to the new button. How do I hide all those ads without having to manually edit each individual article?
  6. Also if its a button then the problem is even if it did work, Admins would still need to add the block manually to articles. And after posting, the actual block would not be able to be hidden so not great to be honest and not user friendly in a way that I was originally asking for.
  7. I'm not sure if that will work to be honest but I'm not an IPS tech wiz so....
  8. I don't know what that is. Custom buttons cant be dynamic or use javascript so I guess now.
  9. At this moment in time, google adsense can be added to the side bar and in various different other areas. However, for me, a major problem is not being able to add google adsense ads to posted article content (it can be kind of done manually but is a pain in the a**!). It can also be done by adding a single line of code from google and adding this code to the global template of your IPS website. This however places google ads everywhere on your site! So you then need to go on to your google adsense account and spend time adjusting your ads choosing where you wish to show ads on your site and w
  10. Could you possibly create a live example or at least show a photo of how it may look? If an article has many photos would I have the choice of which photo is used as the thumbnail? Because if the wrong thumbnail is used and doesn't fully match the title of the article then its pointless.
  11. I was thinking of installing Superblocks but I have questions... Q1. My site is not on full width, I have a side bar panel which contains recent articles, ads etc. Can I still use Superblocks? Q2. I don't see a list of categories present, only recent posts and articles but no where for a user to clearly know what categories there are and if they're other articles to read? Q3/ How are the Thumbnails created? Are they automatic? Q4/ Recent Images only take users to lightbox close-up. Why not allow the category listing under the recent photo to be active as well? Q5/ Why
  12. Why has IP Links been created in a way that users cannot upload images when submitting links? Its so annoying that users in order to submit a picture when adding a link they will need to hot link from their own website or link to their images stored on their server. Will a uploader be included in the upgraded version of ip links?
  13. I installed the Blank Sidebar. I added some javascript affiliate code but nothing shows up except the code I added. A rotating image banner is supposed to show up and change image everytime the user refreshes the screen. This code works fine when added to my portal block. So how do I go about getting the javascript to work within my blank sidebar hook?
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