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how to include special characters in search

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Hello everyone,

I am struggling with searches on IPS. It seems that there is a three charts limit (which is fine, I read it can be changed in MSQL). The problem I am having is that I'm using special charts like # in the posts names and whenever there is a # the characters behind it are ignored so I can't find post names like #VAL. The post name is Valero Energy #VLO, and most members will use #VLO since it's the symbol for that stock. Other examples are Facebook #FB, Netflix #NFLX...  

If I type in NFLX, the topic will be found. If I type #NFLX it won't be found. Is there a way to include # in the searches or is it being used as a wildcard for something in IPS search? Should I change all the # with @ because I tried to use @ NFLX and it will work.

I've attached an animated gif with the issue.

Thanks a lot


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46 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Does it work without the plugin/application you are using to provide the search results via AJAX?

This is the result of me searching for #VLO on this forum (granted, they're likely using ElasticSearch on here - but best to test without a plugin/app affecting the process)

@Nathan ExplosionI've disabled the plugin, I won't get the results either. The problem is NOT in the content of the post, the problem I am experiencing is in the Post Title.

If the post title contains # then whatever is after # won't be searched in the results. I tried it with and without the AJAX auto complete plugin that I've got installed. It's very strange


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