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Publish & Sort Historical Content & Articles \Databases

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Hello everyone,

We have tons of historical content we want to publish. The content:

  • won't be posted in order
  • could be hundreds of articles\pages, etc

But we want to:

  • display it on front-end in chronological order at a later date. 

I am told that articles use a database and can be sorted any way one wants. Haven't yet done that, because Im a noob and my understanding of the connection between articles and databases is a little vague at the moment. We have LOTS of content that will need to be displayed in chronological order - the entire history of a certain niche of paranormal.

In addition, we have 3 small SQL databases we want to import later, but I can make a different post for that.

We're just trying to figure out now, before we start - what is the best way to hack at a project this big?

We will also want users to be able to enter this content on the front-end, (UGC user-generated content) 

Maybe my 2 most important questions are:

  • can someone explain in laymans terms what the connection between articles and databases is
  • whats the best way to sort say 500 articles by a pre-defined date. Should we name the articles  19860126  to indicate January 26th, 1986? and just sort by the title - or is there a much better way?

Thank you so much for your help, it is very much appreciated.

Thank you,




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