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Automatically Save Posts Being Created

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Hello all,

I'm not sure if there is something already available for this on IPS, however, on vBulletin when creating a new post, the text would autosave as you were creating the post. This was helpful for example if you accidently navigated away from the post you were creating or the power goes out or something takes you away from creating the post, it is autosaved and reloads when you come back to the text box. Is there something available like this already on IPS or can something like this be implemented?

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6 hours ago, typography said:

Nice! Thank you so much. For some reason, it is not being saved on my forum. Could it have anything to do with the editor? I'll have a peek now.

The behavior is cookie based, so if you're not accepting cookies (or switching browsers/devices/etc.), you won't see your draft content.

It is not saved in the site's database.

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