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Calendar to Forum Integration

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I'm asking here because perhaps I'm just missing the option for this.

In my community, we have a mixture of staff- and player-run events. I have an events board in my forum, segregated by whether it is a staff- or player-run event. Players use this board to post details about the event including its time, in-game location, whether it's an open or closed event, and so forth. They also add one of four tags: upcoming, postponed, completed, or canceled.

I would like to tie this in to the calendar system so staff and player events appear on the calendar. I don't really care which direction this integration takes (calendar to forum or forum to calendar), just that posting in one place makes the event appear in both places.

I could instruct users to create a calendar event and merely provide a link to the forum thread in the event description, however this feels like a sloppy approach and still requires managing things like RSVPs and cancelling or updating the date and time separately.

What are my best options for this?


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