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Automatically Trigger Sending of Email or Message

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I am looking for a way to automatically send a precomposed message or email to a user when certain criteria are met (i.e. a group promotion or reaching x post count). 

I see a way to setup bulk emails, but as far I can tell this must be manually triggered. I also see a way to add promotion rules, but I don't see an option to message the user with a precomposed message about the promotion when the rule triggers.

We used to use a plugin called "Auto PM X Posts" by Michael John (DevFuse) in IPB 3 that let us send precomposed messages when a user reached a certain post count. This plugin no longer appears to be in development. I have not been able to find an alternative yet. 

Does anyone know of a plugin or other solution for automating the sending of group promotion emails / messages? 

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