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Ocean West

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How do others setup their permissions for general members?

Do you allow users to hide or delete content?

Looking there is topics but not replies ( they are one in the same ) 

There doesn't seem to be a restriction with regard timeout can't delete after a period of time. or is this governed by the EDIT time out?

Can a user delete a topic if there are replies?

Can user hide a topic if there are replies?

If a user wrote something then decided to remove it in my mind if there was no replies then it could be deleted and seen in the deleted content area

Is there a prune for hidden content for XX days old? 


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thanks - yea definitely have a timeout on editing. Nothing worse than a disgruntled person and wants to take there ball and go home, leaving the site Swiss cheese.

There is not enough fidelity in current settings that I feel comfortable allowing unfettered use. 

The thing hate most is seeing pink content - why is it pink who made it pink, should I delete it - makes it hard to enjoy your own site when you end up putting on your admin hat. lol

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