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4.5 Beta 3 Blog Categories and Mod Controls


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On the off chance I'm not missing a setting somewhere... would it be possible to put some controls in to handle the new categories you've added to Blog?

Best I can tell, there is no way to move a blog to a category.  My test site is an old copy of my active site... so I have a few blogs

image.png.fceb57f3e5e552bf41d920eb57a03dff.png  With no way I can find to change categories...


My logic directs me to the Manage Blog link where I'd expect to see a "Move" or "Change Category" or some such.  Nothing.  Nothing anywhere, actually.  In the ACP, you get a strange dialog for a mass move that doesn't allow you to set categories. It lists them, but not selectable.



It's entirely possible I'm missing something, of course.  That happens far too often 🙂


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19 hours ago, bfarber said:

If you edit the blog you can move it to a new category. I don't see an edit blog link in your screenshot so presumably it's a group blog - edit it from the AdminCP instead.

Thanks. Having some capabilities on the front-end would make it more consistent with the rest of the software. 

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