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how do I use REST API

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I have the full Invision Suite including the store where I wish to sell products here in Australia. My bank has a credit card facility called PayWay:


I have an online store using CS-Cart and take credit card payments using the bank's PayWay system. When a person makes a payment for an invoice they are transferred to the bank's payway system along with the total amount, they enter their credit card details in the bank's PayWay screen and are then transferred back to my shopping cart store and I get a notification from payway that their payment is approved and from my store on what they purchased. The whole system is similar to PayPal.

An option to use when setting up PayWay is REST API:




Can anyone help with how I set this up using Invision? What do I do and/or need to do for my Invision site to be able to take credit card payments from my site users...thanks for any help you can give

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