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It would be cool if we could tag usergroups like you can with individual users so everyone in that usergroup gets a notification of that post.

Perhaps have it so only certain groups can do this, as I can imagine it could be abused if everyone has access. It would be handy as an Admin to @subscribers in posts for them for example, like subscriber only contests or info.

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This is also what I want for mention taxonomy not only a group but also a "members interested" and link a page like myweb.site/list/besthelpers with a hashtag where there are some content and a list of members inside it (as club dashboard and stream discover)


because tag a group is not flexible as a club/s or a open page where are listed, some list could be closed/protected/private or based by invite/request (MORE RELEVANT compared open system)

when use a hashtag the framework create a new taxonomy, where the author is inserted on the list and the content attached into.


#link instagram

#link twitter

and facebook...



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