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Dark Mode button for default theme Support topic

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Only feedback from the screen shots, but that button placement looks very odd. Could you not add it to the usernav? This would give it a clean look and not use space between the navbar and the forums title. If this shows on a mobile/cell phone that's quite a bit of space used up. But I love the idea and so many people are after an official dark theme.

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19 minutes ago, Eudemon said:

yea i prefer db save as 'user preference'

using localstorage method if they clear browser cache or switch device, it will just go back to default

I can potentially look at other methods for future release

1 hour ago, Dean_ said:

That looks better, what about in the nav -

How about this lol


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New update released.Added the following features

  • Added new loading transition to page
  • Ability to tuen this feature on/off
  • Ability to add your own loading image
  • Ability to change the loading background colour
  • Ability to change the loading transition speed

Please note* uninstall previous version before installing this

see it live here



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