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Move to root (increase domain popularity)


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I have a Jooma web (blog) in mysite.com and my forum IPS in mysite.com/forum

Currently all the activity is in the forum, with much more importance than the blog that I have in the root.
If I move the forum to the root and put the blog in mysite.com/blog, would it increase the popularity of the domain? What do you think?

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Some thoughts: 

1. I'm not technically proficient enough, but I don't think moving around subdomains is going to make your domain more popular on its own.  Google is smart enough to point users to the locations that answers the search query, regardless of the location.  

2. However, if it makes your website easier to navigate, and that means users come back more often, then it makes sense to do it anyways.  This is probably the criteria that matters the most: does it improve the user experience? 

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