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Ability to turn off Post Before Register for SOME things.


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So I love Post before Register! I think its a great way turn a potential member into a member but I've recently discovered a slight flaw in it that affects my site and it might affect others as well. I'm going to fix this using a group promotion rule but it sort of sucks to have to do it at all.

Basically I have some resources I want my normal members group to be able to submit to. However I've recently gotten a lot of "hit and run" posts in these sections as they are "Looking for" sections. People are posting saying "I'll never check this site again, contact me here".

What I would like, or what I think would be beneficial, would be a permission set for items (or similar toggle type thing), that would disable/enable post before register for certain things.

So in my example I don't want to turn off post before register for the entirety of the Pages app or even all of my databases. But I would like to turn off new submissions from certain databases from using Post before Register but still allow post before register comments.

I know its confusing but something a little more modular so you're not setting up secondary permission masks (as I'm about to have to do) to prevent the feature for things that you just want to turn it off for. I want people to post new topics in my forums with this but I don't want them to post new looking fors BUT I DO want them to be able to reply to those looking for requests.

Currently to accomplish this I'm going to have to create a new group (copying the main members group) and remove basically all permissions from the main members group and promote based on time for legitimate registrations when all I should need to do is disable the "post before register" button for that section which will make a person that wants to post in that section register legitimately or move on (which is what I want).

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