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Speedy Search and Stream Results

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There ya go. It's usually a week+ for approvals (for me at least) so right on time. Viewers users will probably need to wait until after the July 4th holidays for that update.

Enjoy searching and blowing stuff up (if one does that).

BTW, just throwing this old thing out there (I poked this months and months ago) in case it ever occurred to you:

Elasticsearch does have a similar to/spellcheck type feature. Like you misspell a word and ES will be like, you probably meant this one, and so on. It does work with Invision Community... after a fashion.

Long story short, a new, separate index would need to be created along with additional code changes in the indexing and query code to make it really happen. I could give you an option to enable it and it would work 100% right now with SINGLE WORD queries. The moment you add a second word (or more) to your search query it clown cars - everything is seemingly a mis-spelled word and the results returned are entirely property tax paying residents of loltown. Hence the need for the aforementioned changes above, which will not be happening.

I have, however, created the application version of this plugin. Haven't done anything else to it at all, but it is there, staring at me, from the Island of Not-Finished Applications, along with <gestures widely>... A few things from ye'olde Social Search will get folded in and barring this plugin not needing any updates to breaking changes, the next release will be that app, replacing this plugin. Just a replacement, not a new MP release or anything like that. You get an app, and you get an app, and...

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