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Update notification still showing?

Black Tiger

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I'm planning to update in a short while.

I thought I remembered that update notices on the forum itself would be disabled when being closed, was fixed in version 4.4.4:


Fixed an issue where the frontend upgrade notice wouldn't disappear once dismissed.

However, maybe I misunderstood the kind of fix here. I thought once dismissed it won't reappear, but maybe I'm wrong?

I can close them, but either tomorrow or the day after, it appears again which is really annoying. I don't mind this happening in the admin panel, maybe a good thing there. But not on the forums themselfs.

It this working as designed?
If yes, I'll lookup the topic describing how to prevent this, I've seen that somewhere.



Ah never mind. I just seen a popup notice saying "hide until tomorrow" so it's working as designed.

I'm going to look to fix this another way, would be nicer if this had been a switchable option.

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