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Hey, we use bitly for some campaigns and we noticed that the forum links we share using that service have a lower view count on the forum system than the data we are getting from bitly, so, my question is how does that view count work?

We thought that maybe cloudflare was caching some content but we have that set as standard caching and all urls with query strings are not cached, another thing could be that anonymous users are not being counted but that is a little crazy.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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There are a number of possibilities.

  • Guest page caching means that guest views when a cached page is served won't be counted.
  • Any CDN (such as Cloudfront) could potentially compound that.
  • Views are queued and updated by a background task, so a small difference if you haven't given the task time to run could simply be due to the queue not having been processed yet.

There are other possibilities as well, but you get the idea. This can happen in normal use.

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