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On 11/14/2022 at 5:47 PM, Arlon Rahn said:

I get this error after the last invision update to 4.7.4. I removed the tabs application and the error went away:

Could contain: File, Webpage, Text


Hello Arlon,

Can you explain which type of tab are you using? What is the forum configuration (forum/subforum, etc)?

Made some tests and couldn't get same result as you.

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Thank you so much for being a client!

The Invision Community Marketplace is closing on October 30, 2023, so I am moving all of my files over to my personal site www.sosinvision.com.br.

You will find information on my website www.sosinvision.com.br:

Bookmark https://www.sosinvision.com.br/ and the new Marketplace Directory www.Invisioneer.org.  

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