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  1. It happens in my Main (Type: Specific Root Categories). When I click any forum setup as a "Category", it gets the error within the tab.
  2. I get this error after the last invision update to 4.7.4. I removed the tabs application and the error went away:
  3. It's all good. I'll probably just make a Dynasty tab and use your format. The fix helps!
  4. Oh ok. So I have forum groups for each game (Total Extreme Wrestling 2020, World of Mixed Martial Arts 5, etc). Within those I have a dynasty subforum. See below. So I was thinking if I made a tab and put Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 Dynasties, World of Mixed Martial Arts 5 Dynasties and Mafia Capo: Payback Dynasties, they would be in the order of the main forum group. But you are saying I need to put them in a forum group called "Dynasties" and then they would be in the order they are listed there? I guess what I'm saying is I would prefer to keep my forum structure for the main tab (each game is a group) and then have tabs for Dynasties and Tech Support where I show just the subforum for each game there.
  5. Mine show properly when I add them, but when I save it defaults to the oldest first again.
  6. I just verified that it is definitely by the ID in front of the forum name - not the order. For instance, the first one in my suggestion tab has this forum: https://forum.greydogsoftware.com/forum/42-bowl-bound-college-football-suggestions/ Even though this would be the one listed at the top of the forum order: https://forum.greydogsoftware.com/forum/115-total-extreme-wrestling-2020-suggestions/
  7. I see that the forum are going by their ID order. Is there a way to change the order to not follow the ID? I will have 17 forums in each tab and having my most popular game (highest number since it is the latest forum) listed last is not what I wanted.
  8. Is there a way you can dictate the order of the forums in an individual tab? I have 17 game forums and want to do a tab with all the "tech support" forums for each game. When I select them in the edit tab option, it lists the forums in the opposite order as the forum category is. So, the game shown at the top now shows as the last tech support forum in the tab. *Edit - I see that the forum are going by their ID order. I had my forum imported from Vbulletin. Is there a way to change the ID?
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