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Cache Not Working message

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So, I installed Redis and configured it correctly as far as I could tell (including updating constants.php), however after some time, my AdminCP popped up a big red "Cache Not Working" message:


Cache Not Working

Caching is not working correctly. Review your caching method configuration and adjust the settings as needed.

I figured "I'll deal with this later", so I set my caching method back to what I was using before.   Now the message is still there, and won't seem to go away even after running the support tool several times.

I even went so far as to specify - No caching -, with File System as my storage method, and "Cache page output for guests" set to disabled, because that should be a fool-proof way to eliminate any caching issue.

If I run the support tool, which clears the cache, I can see that the cache files in datastore are indeed being cleared out and regenerated, and as far as I can tell the site is working perfectly fine.

Unfortunately I still have the message, and am just curious if it will go away on its own via some background task running, or if I should be submitting a ticket?

Thanks for any insight!

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