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How to find a invisible (hidden) post?

Black Tiger

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Something odd happened to me.

I was reading a new topic on my forums. No problems.

After that I started reading new posts of another topic. Strangely enough, without me having selected anything, I got that odd little statusbar on the bottom in which you can choose what to do with 1 selected post.

I checked all posts in the complete thread and not a single post was selected.

Since I could not get rid of that status bar, I choose to just put that unknown selected post as hidden and afterwards unhid it again. The hiding worked and the statusbar was gone.

But I can't find any hidden post. I also went to the modcp looked under "Hidden Content" at "all content" but no hidden posts there either.

So now I'm having questions:

1.) Why did it say that there was a selected post while there was none?

2.) How could it be that I seemed to be able to hide this unknown post, but can't find it back?

I've seen this once before and just ignored it for a couple of days and then the selection was gone, anyone experienced this too?


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Thank you.

1.) I don't have issues submitting any posts. I was just viewing that specific post.

2.) I forgot to mention that, but there were no delete post to be found either.

It's very odd, happened once before some time ago and then I just ignored it and the next time I visited that thread in that case (couple of days later) the selection was gone.


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