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REST API get multiple topics from topicIds


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16 hours ago, bfarber said:

We can consider the suggestion, but no promises. Most REST API endpoints don't work that way (some do, sure, but generally the GET "item" endpoint accepts a single ID and returns a single record).

The endpoint I was linking to is already an endpoint that returns multiple topics, you just dont allow to filter by topicIds, like you allow for forumIds

In my case we have a frontpage with articles from our publishing system where we display comment counts. Previously we would get this directly from the database from all of the topicsIds connected to articles on the frontpage, but now we would like to query the API instead. 

This is an ajax module applying the comment counts to the articles on the frontpage, so it doesn't affect the timing of the loading of the frontpage. There is also some caching going on, but it's certainly a lot more intensive to do 20 API-requests one at a time, than all of them at once eiter way.


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