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How to remove this shading?


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I would like to remove the shading behind the camera icon? Can anybody help me with this?

Here is the code in the template--

		<a href="{$topic->url()->setQueryString( array( 'do' => 'topicAttachments', 'tid' => $topic->tid ) )}" data-ipsDialog data-ipsdialog-title='{lang="topicattachments_title"}'>
			<div class="ipsPromote ipsButton ipsButton_light ipsButton_verySmall ipsButton_link">
              				<div class="ipsPromote_icon ipsSocial_internal">
					<img src="{resource="custom/attachicon.png" app="core" location="custom"}" />
				<span class="ipsPromoteText">
					{lang="topicAttachmentsNr" pluralize="$count"}

Here is a pic of the shading I would like to remove--



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The shading is coming from the CSS styles (likely the background-color attribute) applied to the DIV with the classes .ipsPromote_icon and ipsSocial_internal - the easiest way would be to modify these classes with an entry in your custom.css file (although note that ALL places where these classes are used will be affected).

That icon could use some padding on the left side to move it away from the edge of the button as well (just my opinion). Any reason you're using a camera icon instead of say a FontAwesome icon (like the rest of the suite uses)?

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Thanks Joy Rex, I had already removed the color in the CSS but like you said changed all the board icons using it which I don't want. This is for a plugin I installed that replaces the paperclip icon that the plugin uses. In older versions of IPB I had always changed the icon so my members are pretty used to the camera instead of the paperclip so I wanted to use what they are familiar with. When IPS deleted the attachment icon that was standard some time ago my members did not like it because my forum has a LOT of images that are posted.

I was hoping I could just fix that one particular button?

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