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Search console problem?

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Hi everyone, I think I have a problem with the sitemap and the no index tag, as you can see from the attached photos (sorry but it's Italian), google serach console excludes many pages, and the sitemap does not send files, even if it is read correctly. For excluded pages google says that they are excluded from the noindex tag and some are redirected pages. I'm sure it's some friends url settings and rewrite the url, even if in admin cp it's all set up correctly.
is this search console behavior correct? is it wanted? Thanks in advance



valide non valide.png

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7 hours ago, bfarber said:

Which pages are being excluded, and if you visit them - is there a noindex tag on those pages?

Are you using default settings for your sitemap? Are your forums guest-readable?

thanks for the reply, this is one of the excluded pages: https://svapoforum.it/forum/27-recensioni/   .    I don't see the noindex tag on the page and I use the recommended sitemap settings. I don't understand why the pages indexed by the sitemaps are always 0 and above all because they are excluded.

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3 hours ago, bfarber said:

What is the reason the search console is saying (specifically) that this page is being excluded?

Note that if I search the following the forum does show up, so it's not actually excluded from searches: Recensioni site:svapoforum.it

yes I have also seen that the excluded pages are actually present in the search, I don't understand why the search console gives them as excluded. the reason is excluded for the presence of the noindex tag, but I have no robots file and I have not inserted any noidex tag. the main problem I think is that the serach console tells me that the pages have been indexed but none of them from the sitemap, just because of the noindex tag problem, can this behavior be a problem?

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