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Looking for some kind of News Feed for the clubs


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Hello, I don't mean the build in overview page with the activities, more something like this ...


The screenshot is from the Social Groups addon for XF2. You can see it live on the developer's testsite https://nobita.me/groups/

The reason is, integrating a forum is good, but for many clubs it's simply too much. A simple post-something-and-let-others-comment feature would be enough in most cases.

Have I missed something and there is already something like this? Maybe another addon that can be integrated in the clubs.

Best regards

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You know I was just thinking about something like this. Hence me stumbling across your post. 

I currently use The Advanced Topic feed by @onlyME as my main page and also as guest feed. I’m hiding the forums with css so it just exists as a status feed, the topic titles are automated.

Would love to be able to use it as a club feature though, or something similar. I’m sure it’s not impossible.

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Just installed and works fine so far. At the moment it displays all club forums in the feed layout, am I right? It would be absolutely perfect when you could decide PER CLUB if it uses feeds OR topics.

For example my site uses almost only clubs, the main forums are just for basic stuff like global announcements or site support. So some clubs are mostly general chit chat but others even use multiple club forums, or contain more important topics. For that ones the old display is very essential.

I would be very grateful if you could make this possible :)

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