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Example to learn to style ips


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Hello ips community, after 4 years I would like learn a little about how I can style my ips website, but i'm not coder and always so hard for me reading tutorial, understand it and apply it.

Here I want to use some my real life cases to ask for help and I would like can achieve the learning goal.

I use a page as my homepage, I created some categories and I would like give it different style, can you give it a different style? then I try copy your way and give my customization value.

ipshelp (2).png

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The easiest way to change your site's styles is to use the Easy Editor: 


If you use Google Chrome, I would suggest learning how to use the Developers Tools to inspect elements on the page and learn the various CSS classes that make up how the pages are styled:


Then, you can add/change styles in your custom.css file in the Easy Editor.

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