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Blog description always expanded

Steph Jensen

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@Steph Jensen this is a workaround, but I advised my bloggers (which is a tightly controlled group on my site) to have a short one sentence description in the About field.  Then in the blog sidebar, to add the long form description.  

I personally like this method better because Users only need to read the description once.  When you add it to the blog header and use the plugin, the long form description takes up a LOT of space especially on mobile.  One of my personal "UIX standards" is how quickly a mobile user can get to the first content item.  If you add up the menu, the site logo, the blog header, and three paragraphs of the blog description, you can see how these all stack up (and not in a good way) before users get to the first blog entry. 

This is incredibly annoying for returning readers. 

It's not so bad on desktop.  It's a huge problem on mobile.  

Some food for thought for you.  

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